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Well I rehearse and come out first and I'm number one
Not the best, not the worst, 'cause my name is Run
And I'm second, 'cause the record that you want to see
An MC (like D) is like the place to be
And have you heard that he is third, and his name is jay
I run the A to deuce, and Jay's the trey

Well the rap of the year and this is the year of the rap
And I'm never drinking beer, champagne out of a tap
And I'm cold, making money on a regular basis
Putting out, knocking out Sucker MCs faces
Traveling 'round the world with my mind at ease,
No Calvin Kleins, just wearing Lees
Got credit in places I've never been
'Cause the rhymes I write are in the top 10
The top of the charts is where I stay,
But I also chill around the way
In Hollis, Queens, is where I stalk
On the street with the beats is where I walk
When I perform, many hearts are warm
I'm better known, as the quiet storm
I don't talk too much, but I got beef
When I kill MCs I cause grief
Devastating Mic Control is my main goal
My name is Darryl, and his name is Joe
The master of music, his name is Jay
Leave us alone, and let us play
We give it up, and turn it loose
We're not like Dr. Seuss or Mother Goose
Sucker MCs like punks who are picking flowers
Go for yours, we went for ours

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