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Kings from Queens from Queens come Kings
We're raising hell like a class when the lunch bell rings
The king will be praised, and hell will be raised
S-s-s-suckers try to phase us, but D won't be phased
So what's your name? DMC. The king is me
Your highness or his majesty
Now you can debate, c-c-c-c-concentrate
But you can't imitate DMC the great
Dissing all devils, causin havoc in hell
At a very high level, bass and treble shall yell
Hanging in the heavens on the sound supreme
So clear to the ear it is sometimes seen
So loud like a cloud with thunder and lightning
So proud to the crowd it is somewhat frightening
No calm in the storm like a beast unleashed
There's no stopping 'cause the rocking cannot cease - BREAK!

You see, it’s harder than hard, not one bit soft
Courageous and contagious, so you better break off
Not a coal on a roll, did you hear me cough?
Just listen while I'm dissin 'cause you're pissin me off
Cold beading is spreading all across your face
You cant take when I break it, if that's the case
I'll go on and on, and kick the bass
So back off of the cup while I take my taste
It's highly appraised when the hell is raised
So demanding and commanding that you all stand dazed
The unbelieving receiving prophecies so true
I cut the head off the devil and I throw it at you
My mighty mic control already brought his soul
The rock king is so bold when he rocks and roll
A black hat is my crown, symbolizing the sound
Signifying, we won't play around - BUST IT!

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