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I seen you jockin' JC cause he got a Mercedes
And you know about his ladies and all his babies
You just want a ride, to get inside
And run around town like Bonnie & Clyde
But see the moves you're makin' the route you're takin'
Will lead the heart breaking and I'm not mistaking
You like his money, you'll be his honey
It's truth, no excuse, you're a great big dummy

Dumb girl
Dumb girl

I wish I knew why a girl like you
Wants to do all the things that you do
I know you want a man, but you should understand
JC ain't D, shouldn't be his fan
You're not just fine you're out of your mind
And I wrote this rhyme just for your kind
Don't be misled remember what I said
The rhymes are rock, but surely not one in your head

Dumb girl
Dumb girl

Now you are the flyest girl in the whole school
But they don't call you fly, they call you fool
Because you don't go to class you will not pass
You'd like to go but you're too slow because you're going to fast
And I can tell that you're dumb when you walk in the place
Walkin' around with your thumb cold stuck in your face
Always sinning never winning cause you're last in the race
You get high into the line think that measures the ace

Dumb girl
Stupid, the girl is
Dumb dumb dumb

Now you're a stupid sex fiend with no real power
Had four guys in the bathroom, and your last in the shower
Always guys call you fast but I call you slow
Always slipping or giving somebody a blow
Giving every guy a try at the wink of an eye
There's something you're missing that money can't buy
When it comes to love you're even hated by Cupid
Just silly, dilly, silly, just plain stupid

Dumb girl
Dumb girl
The girl is.... dumb

I hope you listen to the words that I speak
I'm not playing, what I'm saying could never be weak
You should use your brain, but you don't have one
And when it comes to sense you don't have none
YO YO you should know where I am coming from
But, you're just dumb ditty dumb ditty ditty dumb dumb

Dumb girl
Dumb with a capital D
Dumb girl
Stupid as can be
Break down
The girl is
Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb girl
Dumb girl
Dumb girl
The girl is dumb

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